Nanny services

At Nappy Valley Nannies, we do not charge a registration fee and we pride ourselves in offering one of the most affordable nanny/carer placement service in London.

Our fee will be invoiced on Nanny agreeing to accept the offer of a position, and becomes payable in full within 14 days of the date of the Invoice.

Our carer and nanny fees

We charge the following fees for placing a nanny or a carer with a family:

Permanent  nannies: 6 Months +

4 times weekly net salary

Temporary Nannies:

£25.00 per day capped at £100 per week

3 to 6 months   3 x net weekly salary

Overseas placements:

6 times weekly net salary

Maternity nurses:

£150.00 per week of service


£150.00 per week of service

Post birth doula:

£100.00 per week of placement

Night nannies:

£25.00 per night