Cookies Policy


A cookie is a small text file which contains a snippet of information that is downloaded to your computer or mobile device to improve your experience while you are using the website. You can think of it like a post-it note that the website leaves on your browser to remind the website about you when you move from page to page or return to the website at a later stage.

Cookies can…only store information that you have given explicitly or metrics you have already provided by interacting with the website.
Cookies cannot…read, steal or send information from your computer!

How we use cookies

In general, cookies are used to identify you, your browser session or a specific behaviour on our website. There are legitimate reasons for us to use cookies. Here are a few examples:

Preferences – Let’s say you have seen our cookie information disclaimer and consented to accept our cookies. We do not want to keep asking you for your consent every time you visit our website, as you have already agreed to it and you may not wish to be pestered with the same question. We will then set a cookie to identify that you have already agreed to our policy and will hide the notification from you from that point onwards.

Tracking – We may monitor which pages are most used on our website or how long users spend looking at some content on our website. This helps us to monitor the content that our clients value and also update unused content to make it more appealing to our visitors and improve their user experience. In order to identify unique visits, we would set a cookie so we know when you return or at which point you decide you have had enough.